Dreams under Lockdown, 2020

Published on RIC Journal

Met an older woman in a courtroom. She told me she always makes mistakes “come true”.

Dream of hiking in the mountains with B.

Dream eating oats with family in front of TV. Then next day eating loads on street with S., picking food off the floor.

Dreamt of a peasant girl in a Swiss-style country house.

Dream of house in Leicester and shed and cat.


Trying to fit through a pipe.

Nukes were coming, we were in fields, everyone scared, we hid in bunkers, dark ones, then the bombs fell and they were basically duds (we were terrified for our lives) and then in the bunkers bad people emerged; the nuke story was a set up by the bad people to get us into the bunkers!

In a Mordor-like place, driving. Get distracted by beautiful house, crash the car.

Paris, city endless and grimy and a bit like London, showing K. where I live.

Dreamt of Birmingham and family.

Dream was important somehow, but can’t remember.

Killed a hill guy in a hut, A. and P. there. Then deaf. Then pleading with police: “I’m not a professional killer and haven’t done anything”. Then not deaf. Then play football.

Harry Potter. Then meet nice girl in gallery. Then playing football on field.

Dream of racist guy from university. At university house, we go to a demo for climate change, everyone suddenly in my room. Then people being racist to me and Indian guy on street. I put distance between us and turn to go to pub where people are properly racist.

Eating burger. Someone makes fun of me.

Dreamt of telling mum off for leaving food around in her house, so rats could get in; then didn’t play football for school and missed the game; then I did a dance in which i pretended to fight with people on stage.

Vomiting in York. Then walking about trying to find this house I built.

Met W. in tiny town (Solihull?), then sat with C. and watched planet earth turn towards us (it was where the moon was supposed to be). It was so near and big and amazing. Finally, was in prison.

Was conning people out if their money in a pub (Christmas). Then B. and beaver and L. started fighting with a guy with a big gut and I had to struggle to get them to stop, until me and B. were at home and he was deeply upset.

Watched and was offered a place on TV in a mask, then B. and me watched two girls walking down the street.

Sex dream.

Was in a hostel and saw a description of dad on news calling him a terrorist. Wanted posters went up.

Was with T. and R. We sent school teacher (Mr. D) a letter, and then in the hallway, we played Stranger’s Wrath.

Dream of horse being overburdened with kids on its back. I look at a photo with a phone number on it. Had strange feeling. Then horse arrived at mum’s house.

Was almost shot by sniper teen.

In airport. Got called to desk to collect litter bags and 5 Euros.

Was with B. and doing fireworks in London, then B. said “it’s London. You’d be lonely in central”.

Was in Swedish supermarket with P. and had to put my foot down over something, but I can’t say what exactly.

Went around the back to birth secretly. Violet fife tin. Was excited.

Q. filing a watering can with rain, looked like Berlin house.

Cannibal trying to eat me, but I ran up and stabbed him, saved self.

P. and I break up after she publicly calls me mildly insecure.

Music with one finger.

Dream of being in UK, trying to find gift for P. Find her a rock and pink sweets.

Dreamt of working at the Guy Fawkes Inn and waiting for someone to answer the door.

Hanging with R. and doing taxes with beautiful women.

A. had a fox tail.

Dad left me in the house and I was furious with him for it.

cutting my hair, then me frying up two turkeys with S. and H. and C. Weirdly, J. was also there.
Everyone learning rain can’t make dents in the desert like they thought it could. Everyone sad.

Changing tyre on big truck in petrol station … pumping it up huge.

Sex dream.

Bought a PSP in a market with S. but then asked him to check out some games he didn’t want to. He got vexed with me.

Raising little S. in apartment and didn’t feed him. I apologise. He said he wasn’t hungry.

Dream of driving and being caught by police.

Was in Birmingham, loads of family around. M. told me I was overweight and I got vexed and started hitting her. Then I saw a cat come in and the door was open. I tried to fix it but as I did little A. and friends tried to come through so I smashed him and told him to get me a screwdriver. He did and he also told M. I hit him.

W.’s wedding. I was there and heard a rumour one of the people had a horn. R. told me to follow him and in a small room he showed me bags of soap. Felt like W. had psychosis.

Was in Birmingham watching football then front door broke and I told M. to fix it. Didn’t try to fix it myself.

Becoming photograph, just for job.

Working in a restaurant. Killing owner to get paid playing draughts.

Evil necklace, had to get rid of it.

Racism from people. Beat them.

Getting a house for a baby…that I didn’t want.

Sex dream.

Walking through a forest with R.R. I tell her her book is not only racist, but makes people racist. She says “how could you? How could you?” and then i walk off and into big Russian house.

Dream of trying to make music in school.

Going to fancy dinner and then having N. there, laughing about booze, he started getting undressed.

Scorpions. Meeting Samantha Schwebelin. Jumping over bridge.

Couldn’t get a job, caught by agent. Then in market. Fish pie. Very sad.

Dreamt of needing to win the lottery.

Sex dream.

Talking to S. during tornado. Pearls.

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