Mr. Singh, Comms Professional

As a professional communicator, I’ve written articles, speeches, branding decks – everything you might imagine for some of the world’s best known publications, and some of the region’s most competitive organisations.

  • Thought Leadership and Ghostwriting: I have published articles in globally-recognized Tech and Political magazines etc. under the name of CEOs and other leaders; ghostwritten a book-length project.
  • Content Production: researching and writing content for blogs, magazines etc. under a robust marketing strategy (audience identification, targeted content production, industry-specific material) with measurable results.
  • Speechwriting: writing speeches (with relevant strategic/ sensitive presentation material) for leaders.
  • Branding: writing brand positioning documents, competitor analyses, tone of voice guidelines etc.
  • Editing and Copy-editing: making work sharp, precise, and effective + making sure there are no typos etc.
  • Ad and UX Copy: writing copy which makes customers and users click.

For professional enquiries, samples of my work, or just to say “hi”, contact: